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And now, for your viewing pleasure, I give you a nebula:

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So, two days ago we were merrily flying a kite in beautiful weather. Today, we've got 12 inches of snow and it's 22 degrees out.
They weren't kidding when they said March is tricky!
AmandAri Prom #2

We're officially engaged!!

Ari proposed to me yesterday, on our four-year anniversary. He took me out on a surprise trip to an unknown destination. It happened to be the baggage claim of JFK Airport...the first place we had seen each other, the place where it all began. He got down on one knee, took out the ring he'd smuggled out of my room without my knowing, and asked me. I said yes, of course...that there was nothing in the world I'd rather do than marry him. He seemed really frightened, and I didn't know why until after...he had carried the ring there in an empty spice box (it still smells of paprika :P) and it turns out that when he took a rattling container out of his pocket and opened it, the security guards were looking at him really suspiciously. When they saw him get down on one knee, one guard rolled his eyes and turned back to his paperwork (I guess they're not into romance?). But anyway, poor Ari was understandably shaken. Then we went over to visit the home of our good friend and official wedding planner, who proceeded to deviously torment Ari (in good fun, of course)...along with nicer things. It was wonderful to have the blessings of Elke and her family, and it was a fun visit.

He's so incredibly, wonderfully romantic! Turns out he'd been planning it for the last four months, and everyone knew about it but me ("everyone" being his entire family and Elke). It's almost impossible for him to plan something long-term, in secret. It really shows just how much this meant to him...he really wanted to do it right (which he certainly did!). I can't begin to describe how happy or lucky I feel to have him, or to be marrying him. The ring fits, but he fits better. Nowhere else could I find such a smart, hot, nerdy, ethical, funny, antiquated, devious, strong, eccentric, trustworthy guy who's insane enough to be such a match for me. Four years later, he still surprises me every day. I love him more than anything...we supplement each other, and together we make a whole. I can't wait to see what wonderful things our lives will hold together.
Don't make skies fall down!

Let's talk about the weather?

OMG my first real winter...hasn't gotten above 25F since Sunday! Yesterday was great with a high of 19F, today's 21; that's pretty good for a lot of the country, eh? After all, Maine is -50F today. I wonder what that feels like...

Anyway, with La Nina and an abnormal deficit of sunspots and solar flares, the humble people of Earth are having a ball this year :P Have pride in your distant ancestors who, despite deadly weather, meager food, and everything trying to kill them, used their smarts to brave the Ice Age and survived. They're the reason we're alive to say that 19F feels like cold.

Thank you incredibly for all your birthday wishes! Quiet as it was, it may have been my best birthday yet. It was a day of considerable luck and feeling very special and loved. It's wonderful to not take things for granted.
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We're leaving my family's home for the open road today. Wish us luck! We plan to take it easy and won't pull any more 12-hour driving shifts (no more time limit, yay!). Hence, we should be back in Joisey in 5-7 days. See you then! We'll have pictures and such.

New words to live by.

As you fight your way through life, this is very important to remember.
These words are found in Eye of the Storm, by The Cruxshadows...I could not have said them better myself:
If you find the courage within you
To face the path ahead
It matters not the outcome
IF what you will gain instead
Is a heart deepened in the knowing
That experience carves the soul
And the very thing that empties you
Shall surely make you whole.

In the end, it's truly worth it.

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Tomorrow's my last day at the bookstore.
We're leaving on the road trip Friday.
News upon news...
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