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+ Last cigarette: Never, or at least not in this lifetime. + Last car… - See the Amanda, Feel the Shine! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 18th, 2003|06:20 pm]
[Current Mood |Sarcastic, for some reason]
[Listening to |"No One Lives Forever" by Oingo Boingo]

+ Last cigarette: Never, or at least not in this lifetime.
+ Last car ride: today--to psychology class, filing, and Los Altos.
+ Last good cry: yesterday, but it wasn't exactly a good kind of cry.
+ Last library book checked out: Hmmm...maybe an anthropology book?
+ Last movie seen: Labyrinth (my brother watches it basically every day).
+ Last book read: Essentials of Psychology
+ Last cuss word uttered: Hmm...I have no f*ing idea.
+ Last beverage drank: water
+ Last food consumed: Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream.
+ Last crush: Is three years considered a crush?
+ Last phone call: Gavilan Bookstore.
+ Last TV show watched: Hmm...whatever my dad watched two months ago.
+ Last time showered: In a little while
+ Last shoes worn: My brown moccasins.
+ Last CD played: Best O' Boingo (a stupid name, but great music).
+ Last item bought: Holly's birthday present.
+ Last downloaded: I'm not even sure what that is.
+ Last annoyance: When people treat me like I'm not there (yeah, I know I have a habit of kind of disappearing, but that's not the point).
+ Last disappointment: My life.
+ Last soda drank: Pepsi, last week.
+ Last thing written: My psychology journal.
+ Last key used: Mama's car key.
+ Last word spoken: Thank you for making dinner.
+ Last sleep: Last night (duh).
+ Last IM: A couple days ago.
+ Last sexual fantasy: Eww! What kind of quiz is this?
+ Last weird encounter: Someone called on the phone and said "Hi. Hello. Hello there..." I hung up.
+ Last ice cream eaten: PB Chocolate.
+ Last time amused: By my textbook (does this sound odd?)
+ Last time wanting to die: Never really. I'm almost always depressed, but never suicidal.
+ Last time in love: Right now.
+ Last time hugged: By Mama.
+ Last time scolded: This morning.
+ Last time resentful: This morning.
+ Last chair sat in: The one I'm in now.
+ Last lipstick used: None.
+ Last underwear worn: White.
+ Last bra worn: Black.
+ Last shirt worn: Hmm..I can't really seem to remember yesterday...right now I'm wearing a pretty green dress, though.
+ Last time dancing: With my brother Julian.
+ Last poster looked at: My Lord of the Rings poster.
+ Last show attended: The movies with my friend Catalina.
+ Last web page visited: Live Journal (what else?)