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The longest year of my life - See the Amanda, Feel the Shine! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The longest year of my life [Feb. 6th, 2004|02:08 pm]
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[Listening to |and contemplative]

Today I saw the first flowering trees I've seen this year. Which means...guess what? Spring is coming, and another year to come with it.
When I saw those trees today, it occurred to me that I can't remember seeing any at all last year. I know I saw them, but it seems so long ago that I don't remember seeing them. It's strange--so much has happened since last year that I almost don't believe it. I can sincerely say that it's been the longest year of my life.
Yet, I don't feel like I've gotten anywhere. And perhaps I haven't...yet. But I can say that I'm at least a little closer to some of my goals than this time last year, and I guess that's something. That's more than I can say for all the years of my life, excluding the year I finally stopped losing weight and let go of the first set of lies running through my life.
But now there's more. There's so many more that it's hard to keep track of them all. But I'm continuing my efforts to identify them and push them out of my mind. It's very hard, but it's also incredibly rewarding to feel anger only at things I should be angry at.
Here are some memorable things that have happened since this time last year:

-I passed the Proficiency and started college.
-I learned of many more of my problems, stopped denying they were there, and attempted to face them.
-I discovered some more super-cool books, like the Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series. Yay!!!
-Okay, that was fun. Anyway, I also started to look forward to being away from my family sometimes, instead of feeling lost without them.
-And then more problem-discovering, etc., etc.
-I started volunteering at the wildlife center.
-And feeling better about myself.
-And, that's all I can think of. Oh yeah, I also overcame some of my shyness, and was able to talk to more people.

Okay, I think that's it. Bye, now!

[User Picture]From: nudetulip
2004-02-07 04:40 pm (UTC)
started feeling better about yourself, thats awesome. so is everything else.
i've changed a lot this year too and been discovering more of my problems. its like i solved a lot of my problems that i had on the surface (such as drug addiction) and underneath it was just a bunch of underlying problems to still work on. but its good that we're starting the process. i'm so glad it's gonna be spring soon. no more icky snow.
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[User Picture]From: minuetcat
2004-02-07 11:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks a lot--there's still so much to overcome, but I'm working on it.
Yeah, it seems like under everyone's problems there's just more problems...but hey, every time we overcome one that's one less to deal with, I guess. Great job on solving some of your problems, and working on the others--that's really something to be proud of! If we all could do that, it would make a huge difference :)
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From: blessedhope
2004-02-07 05:01 pm (UTC)

You Rule!:)

May GOD bless your socks off!:) That is SOoo very, VeRy, VERY COOL! What an inspiration. I like the way you express yourself. You have a positive, upbeat view on your life! I am extremely happy for you. Keep up the good work! Now go Take on the gorgeous pre~spring DAY!!!;) + + + hee hee ~luvz~ ^^^Leigh^^^
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[User Picture]From: minuetcat
2004-02-07 11:19 pm (UTC)

Re: You Rule!:)

Aww...thanks a lot! I'll try to, and have a great day :)
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From: blessedhope
2004-02-07 05:29 pm (UTC)

Drinking lots of water is Cool!;) + + +

oh yeah... ok, that was *boatloads* of fun.........*cuddles, safe hugs, luvz*, ~*~me~*!
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[User Picture]From: minuetcat
2004-02-07 11:17 pm (UTC)

Re: Drinking lots of water is Cool!;) + + +

Haha...thanks! :)
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