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1/2 of a survey (more later) - See the Amanda, Feel the Shine! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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1/2 of a survey (more later) [Aug. 27th, 2003|11:22 am]
[Current Mood |busybusy]
[Listening to |George Harrison--Fish on the Sand]

1) Name: Amanda Joy ******
2) Nicknames: Sometimes Mandy...eww
3) School: Gavilan College
4) Age: 16
5) Sex: female
6) Height: 5’5
7) Birthday: 01/15/87
8) Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
9) Eye color: Blue
10) Hair color: brown
11) Height: Once again, 5'5''
12) Pets:Lots...check out my user info
13) Siblings: Crystal, Holly and Julian
14) School: Again?
16) Pets: ???

17) Color: Green
18) Car: Anything electric or hybrid
19) Food: Cookies, if eaten sparingly
20) Drink: Water
21) Restaurant: Sicilia en Bacca
22) Football Team: N/A
23) Sport: Hmm...badminton?
24) Music band: The Saints, possibly.
25) Boy band: none
26) Female Singer: Tori Amos
27) Male Singer: George Harrison or Chris Bailey
28) Actor: Hmm...??
29) Actress: ??
30) Movies: The Fellowship of the Ring, Fight Club, The NIghtmare Before Christmas
31) Quote from movie: "People waste their lives so they can buy sh*t they don't need", or something to that effect
32) Place to go on vacation: New Zealand
33) Mall: I don't like malls
34) Songs: Looking for my lIfe by George Harrison, The Music Goes around My Head by Chris Bailey, and Crucify by Tori Amos
35) Store: Barnes and Noble
38) Book: The Lord of the Rings
36) Season: Winter
39) Teacher: A good one
40) Subject: Science
41) Flower: Irises
42) TV show: Used to be the Simpsons
43) Animal: Elephants
44) Quote: "All we can do is decide what to do with the time that is given us"--Gandalf (LOTR)
45) Holiday: Halloween
46) Board Game: Trivial Pursuit
47) Disney Movie: Beauty and the Beast
48) Radio Station: KFOX, but I don't like the radio.
49) TV Channel: None
50) Emotion: Intellectual
51) Magazine: Audubon
52) Number: The one in which it says, For every person killed by a shark, ten million sharks are killed by humans.
53) Is the most important person in your life: DO I have to pick?
54) is your best friend: Catalina
55) have you known the longest of your friends: Cheryle
56) do you cry to: myself
57) do you go to for advice: My mom
58) is your worst enemy: Myself
59) do you look up to: My mom, JRR Tolkien
60) Knows you best: I don't know
61) Do you like to hang out with: Anyone who knows me
62) Is the craziest person you know: Myself
63) Is the funniest person you know: Hmm...Crystal
64) Do you like: Who wants to know?
65) Do you want to marry: ...
66) Has the nicest hair: Mama
67) Do you want to be like: Myself

68) Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: nope
70) Do you like your parents: Yeah
71) Do you like your siblings: Yep
72) Are you wearing your pajamas: No, I'm all decked out for school
73) Are you talking to someone online: Nope
74) Are you happy: Kind of...
75) If you're sad, why: The world is a horrible place sometimes
76) Would you die for a friend: Yeah, otherwise I would die of guilt

*-Do you believe in-*
77) God: Some form, yes
78) Love at first sight: yes
79) Superstitions: yes
80) Heaven/Hell: no
81) The closet monster: Aahhh!!!
82) A perfect guy: Once in a blue moon

83) What one wish would you wish for: That would take some thought--maybe having the environment be respected
84) Do you believe wishes come true: Sometimes
85) Do you wish you could be someone else: Nope
86) Have you ever wished upon a star: Yep

*-Which One-*
87) Freddie Prinze Jr. or Ryan Phillippe: Who are they?
88) Sarah Michelle Geller or Jennifer Love Hewitt: SMG
89) Lust or Love: love
90) Having a night alone with your man/woman, or out at a party: Having a nice chat alone (social events scare me)
91) Church or school: school
92) Messy or Clean: In between
93) Computer or DVD: Computer
94) Cds or DVDs: CD's
95) Flowers or Chocolates: chocolates
96) Bush or Gore (for president): Yuck
97) Clinton or Gore (for president): Clinton
99) Kiss Or Hug: Hug
100) Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
101) Children or no children: Maybe one
102) Blonde hair or brown hair on a guy: Brown
103) Blue eyes or brown eyes: blue or green
104) Slow dance or fast dance: fast
105) Wife beaters or no shirt: Huh?
106) Sunscreen or sun tan lotion: Sunscreen
107) Ring or Bracelet: ring
108) hot bath or hot shower: Shower
109) Herbal Essences or Suave: herbal essences
110) crayon or marker: Crayon...fun!
111) Pen or pencil: pen
112) Movie or tv: movie
113) Phone or chat online: Phone, although both scare me
114) Day or night: night
115) Dark Or Light: light
116) Shoes on or off: off
117) Long Or Short hair: LONG!!!
118) Burger King OR MC DONALDS: Neither
120) ROLLER BLADES OR SKATEBOARD: I've never ridden either
121) Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
122) AOL or Telephone: Aol, I guess
123) Hanging out with a couple of close friends or hanging out with a big group: close friends
124) E-mail or Snail mail: E-mail

*-When was the last time you-*
125) Said thank you: Couple minutes ago
126) Read a book: Yesterday
127) Read the Bible: Yuck! Back in the dark ages...
128) Prayed: Never
129) Did something nice: Today
130) Helped a friend: Today
131) Took a shower: last night
132) (girls) shaved your legs: Never--I don't see the point
133) Got mad: Yesterday
134) Talked on the phone: A couple days ago
135) Did your own laundry: Last week
136) Spent Money: Hmm...a week ago
137) Who did you spend it on: Food at Gavilan
138) Went shopping: Yesterday for groceries