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Long survey part 2 - See the Amanda, Feel the Shine! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Long survey part 2 [Aug. 27th, 2003|05:32 pm]
[Current Mood |geekygeeky]

139) Do you want to live: Ireland or New Zealand
140) Is the most fun place to go: The forest
141) Do you want to meet your husband/wife: Sure--why not?
142) Do you want to go Heaven or Hell: I don't think that there are either in the traditional sense.
143) Do you want to get married: To the right person, but how can I be sure if they are or not?

144) Do you like to do: Read, volunteer, hike, be with family/friends
145) Was the most fun retreat/trip you ever went on: Camping at Henry Coe State Park w/ thedarkcrystal and angry_crab.

146) Friend is always there: Can't tell how many--a lot.
147) Relative sends you the most money for Christmas: No one sends me money for Christmas.
148) Do you like about your church or school clique: Clique? I'm not in one.
149) Do you want to be when you grow up: Environmentalist
150) Do you want your husbands name to be: ???
152) Is your favorite piece of clothing: My old-fashioned blue lacy dress.

*-Have you, in the last 24 hrs-*
153) Cried: A little
154) Gotten in major trouble: Definitely not
155) Cut your hair: No
156) Ate a meal: Of course
157) Hugged someone: I don't believe so...
158) Kissed someone: Nope
159) Made a new friend: I'm not sure...probably not.
160) Lost something: No
161) Done something new: Gone to the first Ecology lab (I'm a nerd, i know...)
162) Got online: Of course!
163) Checked your e-mail: Yeah
164) Talked on the phone: Yep
165) Exercised: I walked 1.25 miles in PE...in eighteen minutes!
166) Slept: Of course
167) Got in a fight: No
168) Got dressed in something other than your pj's: My skirt and pretty t-shirt w/ a faery on it.
169) Went bowling: no

*-Have you ever-*
170) Been so drunk you passed out: Hello, my name is Amanda. I haven't gotten drunk in 16 years...
171) Gone out in public in your pajamas: No
172) Had an imaginary friend: Hmm...(looks around) No, she's not here right now.
173) Cried during a chick flick: I don't think I've ever seen a chick flick.
174) Owned a New Kids on the Block CD: Hmm...Barenaked Ladies made a song about them, and I have that...
175) Gotten in a car accident: Almost
176) Liked someone so much you cried: Yep
177) Cussed when your parents were around: Yeah, but it's acceptable to do so, and I don't abuse that right...
178) Told your sister/brother he/she was a bitch: Back in the bad days.
179) Sung in front of the mirror: No
180) Made faces in the mirror: Our cat Cleo used to
181) Spent more than one hour on your hair: No
182) Sleep- walked: Yeah--and every time I don't remember anything
183) Talked in your sleep: I've never heard anyone say I did
184) Watched a scary movie and couldn't sleep all night: Yeah
185) Gone Caroling: Nope

186) What is the funniest movie you ever saw: Airplane
187) What is the stupidest movie: I must have blocked them all out
188) Which movie could you watch over and over: The Fellowship of the Ring
189) What was the last movie you saw: Clerks--the most offensive movie I've ever seen
190) Who do you go to the movies with: catmeow911, mostly
191) What movie made you cry the most: What Dreams May Come, and Titanic, which traumatized my 9-year-old self.
192) Did you like Titanic: I like the first half, but after that, it's extremely scary. And they laughed on Halloween when we nominated scary movies to watch...

*-If you were stranded on an island-*
193) Who would you take: My family disguised somehow as one person
194) Who would you take if you only had two people you could bring: My family and my friends, each somehow diguised as one person...
195) What three things would you bring: A book, Minuet, and some knives to protect ourselves with (hehe)
196) What island would you want to be stranded on: Madagascar
197) What animal would you kill for food: I'm a vegetarian!
198) Would you write on the sand "HELP!": That never works...
199) Would you panic or relax: relax

*-Would you ever-*
200) Jump out of a plane: NO!
201) Kiss your best guy friend (or if you're a guy girl friend): Umm...don't you think that kind of inappropriate?
202) Go bungy jumping: Yikes!
203) Stay in your room for a whole day: Yeah
204) Go in the snow without clothes: Why would I want to?
205) Skinny dip: Nope
206) Drink salt water: I have before...
207) Touch road kill: To give him/her a proper burial, sure.
208) Take a job even if it meant you'd be away from your guy: Umm...I don't have a guy
209) Smile at your worst enemy: No--I would punch them instead (smiles happily)
210) Play 8,000 bowling games in one night: Those bowling balls are heavy.
211) Go to Reno to get married: Not sure
212) Gamble: Why throw my money away?
213) Bring shorts to Minnesota: Cold! No!
214) Have a make-out party: Why?
215) Throw a party without your parents: If I had my mom's permission...
216) Go to a foreign country: yep
217) Fly a plane: If I could

235) JOE: "Joe vs. the Volcano"
236) JENNIFER: Someone who used to pick on me
237) JOHN: One of my best friends
238) SALLY: Hmm...oh yes, Nightmare Before Christmas
239) JORDAN: Lee Jordan from Harry Potter
240) SARAH: My friend that moved away
241) JESSICA: Lots of Jessicas (a name even more popular than Amanda)
242) LAUREN: A couple of popular girls
243) Mark: Marker
244) RAY: This really annoying kid that used to pick on me as well
245) RACHEL: My cousin
246) JANET: Hmm...
247) CHRIS: Chris Bailey

[User Picture]From: pixiefairyhaze
2003-08-29 02:08 pm (UTC)
hmmm some of those questions are soo random! i might steal that suvey if i get bored
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