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Mushy. VERY mushy.

It's soooo CUTE how Ari's eyes light up when I walk into a room and he smiles that delighted smile, or how he suddenly gets the extreme need to hug me--IMMEDIATELY--and then hugs me as tight and as long as humanly possible. It makes me feel about to die of the love and the cuteness of it all. Or how I have that same sudden urge to kiss him...and I do, and he kisses me back, and then I suddenly need to hug him, and do...and it feels so good and fulfilling to be able to do that and have it be so satisfying.
Seeing those prom pictures, too...we both have the same lovestruck looks in our eyes! I've seen the way he looks at me, but realized only now that I look at him in that exact same way. From the feeling I should have known I did, but...damn. And the way I fit so well into the crook of his arm--not spatially, but emotionally (if that makes any sense). It's like that is our place, right there together, happy as can be. One unit. Together, we are the Amandari. We have been unleashed on the world.
This is great beyond measure. I just love how happy he makes me, and how happy I make him. (I still don't fully understand just how I can succeed in making someone so very happy, but we'll leave this out for now.)

(Completely off-topic: I named my old stuft fruit bat Fluttery Cuteness with Eyes! Much better than "Batty", since the Beanie Baby people are uncreative and most likely possessed. See why Miss Amanda needs a job so very much?)

Expect a really funny post tomorrow. That is all.
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