Amanda (minuetcat) wrote,

Please pray for my had a stroke and is awaiting operation.

Just to let you know...I'm not dead. However, my computer is...for the moment. The power went out as it was starting up and that damaged it because now the Blue Screen of Death displays itself when I turn it on because it can't access the hard drive or internal memory. But, we found out how to fix it (apparently Ari needs to re-install Windows in order for it to know how to access itself again, and then it should be alright). It apparently happens a lot and the hard drive and files are probably not just can't access them because its memory surged or fizzled or something during the power-cutting.

Anyway, this is my way of saying that this is why I haven't answered anyone about anything, and probably won't be able to for some more time yet. Hopefully we'll have the time to fix it tomorrow.
Until then, Amanda's gonna be invisible (AND hiking in the Pine Barrens on Saturday!!...more about that a more appropriate time).
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