Amanda (minuetcat) wrote,

I'm not human, lol.

I'm scared...I left a comment and forgot to log in, and in the process I failed LJ's spam/robot screening test with the letters and numbers not once but THREE times. I've always had a feeling I was only made up of megabytes and circuitry...or maybe my eyesight's just really bad.

In other news, my camera arrived and is WONDERFUL. So was the field trip to the Pine Barrens (which said camera also attended and participated in), besides the nightmarish attack of Ari and myself by thousands (perhaps millions!) of large gnats while on one of the wetland trails. But I'll get to that in good time. The point is that the rest of the trip was fascinating, fun, and ecologically mind-expanding. There were so many amazing species there that I never thought I'd see, in regional assortments that are probably found nowhere else in the world. Hooray for former Ice Age polar deserts and the diversity they bring!!
I also got a carpload of great photos to post, when my computer has the wonderful fortune to be fixed.

So, that's it for now. The wheels of fate are turning and momentous things are getting done. Life feels great lately. How are you?
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