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Oy, make it end!

The semester ends twenty days from now. So much work is being piled on right now...nearly too much to handle. I am being fatigued to the max and because of that, there's really no energy left over to make thoughts, conclusions, or observations about my life. It's constant in-the-moment and just-ahead madness. Too much going on to really grasp onto or think about.

What I can conclude, though, is:
--I cannot even comprehend what the Virginia Tech shooting must have been like. It defies all reason and all capacity to envision. I read the articles yesterday, cried, couldn't sleep, and that was that. What an utter mind-job, 33 people dead from one screwed up, suicidal guy. 33 people well into their lives and only just beginning them, chosen to be the sacrificial lambs of someone else's madness.
Anything more to be said about it would be redundant and translucent, so I'll stop.
--I love you guys, my family, Ari, his family, and also myself.
--All else will be elaborated on when I summon the capacity to.
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