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Amanda's first case of spring fever

Oh my, it is GLORIOUS outside! I never liked spring until now. Growing up in California, spring was only a taste of the horrible heat that follows after the too-short, too-mild winters.
But after an actual East Coast winter, spring is amazing! All the windows are thrown open, the birds are singing, the plants I'd forgotten about over the winter are suddenly budding with new green and showing amazing flowers. The smell of spring is enthralling--it makes me restless and happy.

I want to stay outside all day and see all there is to see! I want to picnic and bike and run and explore and make out and jump for joy.

But instead I'm cooped up in here witnessing the first of two weeks of finals, finishing up a great big project and making sure Ari does the same. Nooooooooooo--this SUCKS--I'm sick of class, I want it to end! I'm missing out on spring! The only reason I'm refusing to stop attending school to run off into the hills is because I know I'll kick myself later if I don't get the straight A's I apparently can earn if I go through with these last two weeks.

O glorious me, save me, humor me!!
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