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A meme taken from dungeonwriter - See the Amanda, Feel the Shine! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A meme taken from dungeonwriter [Oct. 5th, 2007|06:12 pm]
Since I've been gone for a while, this will be a good fill-in.

20 years ago I....:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

10 years ago I ..... was thoroughly depressed because I was finally realizing how many horrible things were happening in the world that I'd never known about (making the prospect of adult life REALLY traumatic and scary to me) and my body didn't look like a kid's anymore (which meant, of course, that I couldn't be a kid anymore, I had to grow up...right? The reasoning seems pretty silly now...).

5 years ago I .....had been anorexic for over a year and was told by Stanford that I had absolutely no body fat left so my organs were starting to feed off themselves, and with my current behavior I had a MAXIMUM of 6 weeks to live before my heart gave out (it was beating irregularly and slowing down...completely running out of fuel). So, that scared me and I launched into recovery and saved my life...but thanks to Mama for desperately trying to get me that appointment and finally succeeding!

2 years ago I ... was absolutely miserable at my dad and Linda's house, and the plans were beginning to formulate between Ari and I that I should move to New Jersey (which, as you can see, I did!).

1 year ago I .... had my first semester at Kean, and was going through absolute HELL with my first roommate (remember her?). Also, I was still a cashier at my bookstore (was just about to get promoted to the text dept).

So far this year, I've....dug my Joisey roots in deeper, changed my major, become a lot more comfortable with myself, and made a DELIGHTFUL Diether Ketone Bunnyrabbit (I have to post him soon)!

Yesterday I....had five hours of work, Zoology, and a Physics test and looked forward to next week's paid vacation (which will be used primarily to complete assignments and get a breath of fresh air).

Today I... went on my AWESOME 2nd field visit and spent most of the day helping 8th graders hold snakes.

Next Year I...will be a SENIOR, take the Praxis test, and have my driver's license (but hopefully no car yet).