Amanda (minuetcat) wrote,

I'm soooo sick of school. Just, to the point of queasiness every time I think of anything academic. My body's going through rest-withdrawal and my brain's turning to slush in the process. It almost hurts to shove yet more knowledge into my weary, overstretched brain. Perhaps I shouldn't have taken the maximum allowable number of credits, but then again if I don't I'll have to suffer through three more semesters instead of two...not to mention the internship on top of that.

It's also the things mentioned in that previous entry that are whirling through my head. School no longer is fulfilling to me. Sure, the classes are interesting but I've been having that sensation for long enough. My work with this chapter of my life should be done...I'm wasting away here when all I want to do is be set free into the real world. I have so many other experiences to enjoy...they're out there waiting for me. And I've been in college since I was 16 years old. I want a break, already.

Ok, I'm off to the last class for tonight...
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