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Happiness stolen from pieni and nerdiness stolen from vianna_dufaye - See the Amanda, Feel the Shine! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Happiness stolen from pieni and nerdiness stolen from vianna_dufaye [Nov. 8th, 2007|02:22 am]
As produced by the Insomnia Factory.

Rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Tag 10 people and force them to post this meme on their LJs.

1. I’m happy because I’m almost done with college.

2. I’m happy because I have my Ari and he has me...and his family's not too bad, either ;)

3. I’m happy because, looking back at my life, I know I’ve made the right decisions and that I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’ve let life nudge me in the right direction.

4. I’m happy because it was almost five years ago that I kicked anorexia’s ass once and for all.

5. I’m happy because movies are indescribably wonderful…especially when you have a whole case full of great ones that you can look forward to seeing for the first time.

6. I’m happy because I know my family is only a phone call away, which makes all the difference.

7. I’m happy because I won’t be broke forever, and because one day, the student loans will be paid.

8. I’m happy (and excited!) because I know I’ll be a great teacher.

9. I’m happy because I’m rapidly gaining social intelligence…if I had time for an “in-person” friend, I’d actually enjoy having one.

10. I’m happy because I’ve finally come to grips with my deepest, darkest secrets. After all, everybody has things they regret…we must learn from them and move on. We shouldn’t be haunted by them.


How nerdy are you? Put an X next to each item on the list that describes you and then tally them up. Got 15 or more X’s? Welcome to the Nerd Core.

Have you ever:

[ ] Solved a Rubix cube?
[X] Coded HTML?
[X] Been to a Renaissance Fair?
[ ] Been to a ComicCon?
[ ] Bought a comic book and charged it to your credit card?
[X] Used webspeak IRL (in real life?)
[X] Edited a Wikipedia?
[X] Participated in a roll-playing game?
[X] Tried to memorize Pi past 3.14 (three sig figs) in your free time?
[X] Used an ergonomic desk chair or keyboard?
[X] Quoted Monty Python back and forth with a friend?
[ ] Discussed Nintendo’s name change of the Revolution to the Wii?
[X] Participated in a trivia night or trivia contest?
[ ] Won a debate tournament?
[X] Played chess at lunch in school?
[X] Watched your friends play video games for more than an hour?
[ ] Been to a Harry Potter midnight party?
[ ] Recognized yourself in J.D. from the TV show Scrubs?
[No, but I am attracted to geekiness] Seen an episode of Beauty and the Geek and thought the guys were cute?
[ ] Programmed extras into your graphing calculator?
[X] Been to a MENSA meetup? How about Phi Beta Kappa?
[X] Done a happy dance after bowling a strike?
[X] Referred to Lord of the Rings out loud as LotR?
[X] Developed a shelving system for your books?
[X] Hated the people on principle who said high school was the best time of their life?

This means I'm a nerd. Yay, I already knew that!