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Tomorrow I will speak of the meaning behind these words. - See the Amanda, Feel the Shine! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tomorrow I will speak of the meaning behind these words. [Jan. 12th, 2008|01:05 am]
[Current Mood |annoyedpotent]

Just know that this resolute air is strong in me from tonight's final viewing of The Lord of the Rings. All seven times I've read the book and all three times I've seen the films, this same feeling was strong in me. I want to kindle it, renew it, save it for all time...I will need it in the years ahead if I am ever to reach my full potential. It will remind me never to give up.
Here it is, captured in writing for you and me to draw from.

I will be pushed down by no one. I will find the strength to fight back those who try to mask my strength, my will, my voice. Let no one take my livelihood from me. Let no one demonstrate their will against me. Let no one belittle or rob me. Let me stand up to any challenge, be it person, lesson or hardship, real or imagined.

My mind is sharp, my body is strong, my will has the strength to overcome. I will protect myself and those I love. I will show the world I can take it. I will take nobody's abuse, manipulations, or ill will.

I will show the world what strength I have. I will not let it drag me down, for my spirit is strong.

I mean these words with all my heart and I am strong enough not to break them.

[User Picture]From: opera_lover_44
2008-01-12 04:50 pm (UTC)
Those words, to me, describe you perfectly.
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[User Picture]From: minuetcat
2008-01-12 05:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you--I hope you can use the wisdom in them as well. Don't let anybody push you around: you are Kathryn, you have strength! lol.

By the way, I've literally fallen off the face of the Internet these last couple weeks and I do apologize. I plan to catch up ASAP!
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[User Picture]From: opera_lover_44
2008-01-12 05:10 pm (UTC)
I'm working on it much more than I used to. I think I'm doing a fairly good job of it too.

That's okay. I have to admit I miss talking to you but I understand you are a busy woman especially with your birthday coming up and all.
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