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Amanda's Favorites Vol. 5!

In light of school starting, I've put together my newest compilation of wonderful songs. This never fails in cheering me up.
Grab a copy if you so's free music, and good music too!

Here's the album for download:
Amanda's Vol. 5 Songs 1-9
Amanda's Vol. 5 Songs 10-18

I'm very proud of this one--it came out fabulous. I hereby announce that

1. David Gray--The One I Love
Unbelievably gorgeous; perfection in music, lyrics, and voice. Holy smokes he's good!

2. George Harrison--Brainwashed
I often feel this way. All it takes is a little of George to bring it all back.

3. Coldplay--Cemeteries of London
I put the newest Coldplay CD in, and immediately I was just...WOAH! This song instills an incredible wanderlust in me, a need to read fantasy books, and the desire to start the day excited about what's around the next bend. I know that's not exactly what the song's about, but does that to me.

4. Live--Pillar of Davidson
A little reminder of what Live used to be...a producer of music one can see, touch, and feel through the deepest of your being.

5. Rob Zombie--Dragula
This song just kicks ass. If you just want to dance and headbang mindlessly and pretend you're all tough, it's perfect ;)

6. ThouShaltNot--Who Am I
Heartfelt gothic electronica at its best, authored by an amazing lyricist in whose works I continually find new meaning. Plus...nice singing, man--your emotion gives me chills!

7. Squirrel Nut Zippers--Hell
I continually have this song stuck in my head. This is a modern-day swing band who succeeds in bringing the light and fun of the old days back to us.

8. Blue Swede--Hooked on a Feeling
(warning: it's only half of the song, but it's still fun!) This is perfect for a road trip, just to sing along to. The man who re-did this made it immeasurably better than the original. Perfect timing and inflection.

9. Moulin Rouge! soundtrack--Your Song
Oh Moulin Rouge, I love you. This is so much better than Elton John's version. Plus, come on, the moon in the star-filled sky frickin' starts singing opera in the background!

10. Nightwish--Nemo
I always find it hard to pick a Nightwish song. This, though, won the prize for matching just the right mood. Orchestral themes couple with opera and metal in just the right way.

11. Metallica--Wherever I May Roam
I identify so much with this song; or rather, sometimes I wish I did. I would love to wander and see "where I lay my head" as home. There's a great romantic appeal in that; plus, that's some great hard rock they have there!

12. Scripture--Words Needed
This is a rare, inherently pleasing song. It's not to my usual taste but all the same, there are times that I desperately need to hear it.

13. Traveling Wilburys--Heading for the Light
Pure, unadulterated fun brought to us by the greatest super-group of all time. If you need a song to cheer you up, this is it! Once again, thank you George Harrison for your wonderful voice!

14. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds--The Ship Song
One of the most romantic songs I know, to the point of being spiritual in its perfection. You can hide yourself in this song.

15. The Cruxshadows--Ave Maria
I was tied between three different CXS songs, but finally chose this one because of its hauntingly beautiful melody. I deeply identify with these lines: "But you must believe in something; sometimes that something's real". You can't help but wonder what this so-called "crazy" is really seeing, if she's really seeing...

16. Bob Dylan--Like a Rolling Stone
Bob Dylan needs no explanation. He puts into words what few others can.

17. Asylum Street Spankers--Rotten Cocksucker’s Ball
This is so horrible that I can't get enough of it. If a barbershop quartet can sing about such things so well, what else is possible?

18. Van Morrison--Into the Mystic
Beyond gorgeous, beyond relaxing, beyond lyrical genius. I proudly end my CD with this song.
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