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New words to live by.

As you fight your way through life, this is very important to remember.
These words are found in Eye of the Storm, by The Cruxshadows...I could not have said them better myself:
If you find the courage within you
To face the path ahead
It matters not the outcome
IF what you will gain instead
Is a heart deepened in the knowing
That experience carves the soul
And the very thing that empties you
Shall surely make you whole.

In the end, it's truly worth it.

Thoushaltnot--We Could Have Flown Like Pollen
Somewhere between the ball and the chain The resonance of an earlier pain
Begs to feel the angry wind and the rain
And don't you even care?
Somewhere between the mad and the sane
The mind gives in to directionless strain
With the way our thoughts begin to wane
Away from all the splendor they could bear

Somewhere between the seperate planes
Our decadance magnifies the stain
Leaving me naked to remain
And don't you feel the air?
Somewhere between the hand and the brain

Our dissonant steps fail to contain
They burden us with the heart of the slain
And now in this inaction we're ensnared

Somewhere between the heart and the vein
"Revolt" becomes the blood's refrain
To meld our bones to the earth again
To bring about yesteryear
Somewhere between the cruel and humane
As we fell on the path to an Earth so mundane
The clock turned as we tried to maintain
All the things that keep us alive, but they weren't there

We could have flown like pollen
Higher than the moon can see
But now we're sitting all alone in the world
Trying to write ourselves into history
We are half destroyed and paranoid
And fearing what might be
Lost unto a forlorn hope
And made up in mystery

See the way we fell astray
Dead until our dying day
Hold my hand and we will pray
For all in disrepair
Do you fear what lies in store?
Do you cry like you did before?
Is there trust left anymore?
Or shall we spend forever unaware?

Traces of our footprints through the mud
Lilacs folding back into their bud
We can climb a hill where time is free
And from atop there we can fly like pollen
Higher than the moon can see

Tomorrow's my last day at the bookstore.
We're leaving on the road trip Friday.
News upon news...

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