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Let's talk about the weather?

OMG my first real winter...hasn't gotten above 25F since Sunday! Yesterday was great with a high of 19F, today's 21; that's pretty good for a lot of the country, eh? After all, Maine is -50F today. I wonder what that feels like...

Anyway, with La Nina and an abnormal deficit of sunspots and solar flares, the humble people of Earth are having a ball this year :P Have pride in your distant ancestors who, despite deadly weather, meager food, and everything trying to kill them, used their smarts to brave the Ice Age and survived. They're the reason we're alive to say that 19F feels like cold.

Thank you incredibly for all your birthday wishes! Quiet as it was, it may have been my best birthday yet. It was a day of considerable luck and feeling very special and loved. It's wonderful to not take things for granted.

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