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I created a "fill in your own question" survey - See the Amanda, Feel the Shine! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I created a "fill in your own question" survey [Oct. 7th, 2003|02:34 pm]
[Current Mood |amusedamused]

You may take it if you want.
Well, here it is--my very own survey:

The facts:
Lj name: minuetcat
First name: Amanda
Occupation: Student
Age: 16
Best friend(s): Katalina, my family
Parents' first names: Michele and Paul
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Pets: Twenty-three total
Date you filled this out: 10-07-2003
Siblings (if any): Crystal, Holly, Julian
Fill in your own:
Eye color: Blue

What is the major thing you want to accomplish in the next year? Pass all my classes and not be psycho about doing so
The next five years? Get my AS degree, be healthy mentally
A lifetime? Help the environment
If you had to go somewhere, where would you go? Ireland
Would you ever want to leave that place? Yeah--my home is here
Has anything "strange" happened in your prescence that is unexplainable even today? Lots--mainly, I heard breathing in a corner of my room and felt I was being watched. Minuet acknowledged to presence with the "prrp" she uses to greet someone, and looked at the corner. Weird.
Do you have any unusual fears? Clowns, although this may not be unusual
What's your most prized possession? My old Tolkien books
What word would you use to describe life? Hard
How did you find LJ? thedarkcrystal and angry_crab told me about it.
Why did you pick your LJ name? Little Minuet helped me.
Fill in your own:
Do you have too many movies? Yep, but oh well.

Animal: Elephant, if I have to pick
Color: Green
Food: Fresh bread with brie
Book: The Silmarillion
Movie: I have many, many favorites, but I would say LOTR:FOTR
Album: Prodigal Son, by The Saints
Place: Right here
Tree: Ancient oaks
Memory: Being with my family and feeling safe
Room in your home: The family room
Pet: Do I have to pick?
Restaurant: Sicilia in Bocca
Pastime: LJ
Author: JRR Tolkien
Band/artist: Chris Bailey/The Saints, or Tori Amos, or George Harrison
Smell: Pasta
Sound: Rain
Compass direction: East
Fill in your own:
Mythical creature: Ent

The last...
Book you read: The Silmarillion
Thing you ate: A cookie
Movie you saw: Cousins
Place you went (besides where you are now): Gilroy
Song you listened to: Something by Nick Cave
Animal other than a human you saw: Ione
Thought you were thinking: Mmm...groceries
Person who made you laugh: Mama, or Julian--can't remember
Person you talked to: Mama
Phone call you made: Too long ago to remember
Website you visited (other than this one): My e-mail
Fill in your own:
Picture you took: Of Minuet

Which do you prefer:
Dark/light: Light
Indoors/outdoors: Outdoors
Dog/cat: Cat
Walking/running: Walking
Watching movies/reading: Reading
Day/night: Day
Morning/evening: Evening
Overcast/sunny: Overcast
Herbivore/carnivore: Herbivore
Fiction/nonfiction: Fiction
Faery/unicorn: Unicorn
Wolf/coyote: Wolf
Fill in your own:
Juice/soda: Juice