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[[Birthday]] January 15 [[Age]] 16 [[Astrological sign?]]… - See the Amanda, Feel the Shine! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Nov. 30th, 2003|10:21 am]
[Current Mood |boredbored]

[[Birthday]] January 15
[[Age]] 16
[[Astrological sign?]] Capricorn
[[Chinese zodiac sign?]] Rabbit
[[Location]] California
[[Current Hair color]] Brown. What do you mean by "current"?
[[Eye color]] Blue
[[Height]] 5'5"
[[Weight]] I haven't checked in a long time--a real accomplishment.
[[Parents still together?]] Nope
[[Siblings?]] Crystal, Holly, Julian
[[Nieces/Nephews?]] Cristopher
[[Kids of your own?]] Nope
[[Grandkids?]] That'll be a while
[[Pets?]] LOTS
[[In school/graduated?]] Graduated HS, in college
[[Rent, lease, or own your home?]] I live in my home.
[[What do you do for work?]] Help w/ my mom's business, go to school, volunteer
[[How much money do you make?]] Hmm...
[[Have any credit cards?]] Nope
[[What do you drive?]] Nothin'


[[Red/Blue]] Blue
[[Dogs/Cats]] Cats
[[Roses/Daisies]] Daisies
[[Beer/Liquor]] Neither
[[Hair: Short/Long]] Long
[[Boots/Shoes]] Boots
[[Food: Mexican/Italian]] Italian
[[Dark/Light]] Dark
[[Day/Night]] Day
[[City/Country]] Country
[[Sheets: Solid/Animal Prints *rawr*]] Solid
[[Sub/Dom]] ???


[[Color]] Green
[[Animal]] Don't make me choose!
[[Vehicle]] Anything hybrid
[[Flower]] Iris
[[Beer]] No thank you
[[Liquor]] Yuck
[[Soda]] Root beer
[[Food]] French bread with brie
[[Author]] JRR Tolkien
[[Band]] The Saints, Tori Amos, Tracy Chapman--don't make me choose!
[[CD]] The Saints--Prodigal Son
[[Song]] Either "Ghost Ships" by The Saints or "What a Good Boy" by Barenaked Ladies
[[Movie]] The Fellowship of the Ring, or Fight Club
[[Director]] Hmm...Tim Burton
[[Country]] Australia (no clue why)
[[State]] Alaska
[[Movie genre]] Fantasy
[[Drink (non-alcoholic)]] Water
[[TV Show]] Dont' watch TV
[[Day of the week]] Saturday
[[Month]] December
[[Actor/Actress]] No clue
[[Perfume]] Eww...smelly!
[[Cologne]] More smellies!

*Do you*

[[Color your hair?]] Nope
[[Have tattoos?]] Nope
[[Piercings?]] My ears


Name: Amanda Joy ******
Age: 16
Where are you from: California

Favourite type of clothing: Skirts
Favourite type of clothing on the opposite sex: Shirts
Favourite brand name: Safeway--don't ask why
Where do you normally shop: Nowhere in particular
Favourite film: The Fellowship of the Ring or Fight Club
Would you recommend me seeing this film: Either---yes.
Last film you saw at the theater: The Matrix Revolutions
Last film you saw at home: X-Men 2

Favourite type of music: Rock
Favourite band: See previous survey
Favourite singer: Chris Bailey
One song that is too embarrassing to tell anyone that you like it: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Grossest thing you have eaten: An ant
Favourite food: French bread with brie
Favourite place to eat at: Sicilia in Bocca
Best meal you have eaten: Fettuccine alfredo with lots of parmesan

What is the point of having diet caffeine free coke: Don't ask me--I drink water
Do you remember when there was clear coke: Nope
Favourite drink: Water
Best drink you have made doesn't have to be alcoholic: Hot chocolate
What makes you special: All the things that make up me
What is aesthetically pleasing to you: The what now?
Favourite type of smell: Bread
Do you have any special hand shake: A very weak one
How do you shake someone’s hand: I put my hand in theirs and they shake it?

If I gave you $20 what would you do with it: Buy books
What should I do today: Watch Fight Club
Why won't they put Dawson’s Creek back on: Who knows?
Funniest thing that someone has said: Those funny pictures I posted a link to a while back
Funniest thing you have done: Too many funnies!

If you got your mouth stuck in a tomato sauce bottle what would you do: Ask someone for help
Have you ever laughed at someone falling over and if so was it your friend or a stranger: I've laughed at retellings, but not the actual thing.
What do you think lemonade and milk taste like: Not good
What are you thinking about: Watching more movies

If you got handcuffed to a total stranger what would you do: Try to fill the awkward silence with words
What would you do if you saw a monkey in your backyard: Yay!!!
If you had to hit someone and only could choose from one of these weapons which weapon would you choose and why - shopping trolley, tree branch or a banking tray: Shopping trolley *laughs evilly*

What do you want to buy me: A candy bar
If you could have any job you wanted what would it be: Forest ranger or wildlife rehabilitator
If someone offered you a job cleaning some toilets and you got $1000 per toilet would you take
the offer: Sure.

Next year what do you want to achieve: Learner's permit, some more classes, more of my book, etc.
Are you looking forward to next year and why so: Sure I am, but no clue why
What is three things you want to do before this year is over: Get done with this survey, put up the Christmas tree, finish my classes.

If I gave you a camera with 24roll of film what would you take photos of: Minuet
What was the last photo you took: Don't remember
Best photo you have seen: The forest in my journal background
Have you ever ripped up a photo and what was it a picture of: Yes--a clown

What makes you a bit weirded out: Sugar and caffeine
What are you scared of: Clowns, driving
What makes you shiver: Insects with seizures (don't ask)

Do you prefer hot/cold weather: Cold
Are you an indoor or outdoor person: Outdoor
Favourite sport: Badminton
If you saw someone famous but you were wearing crappy clothes would you still go up to them and say hi: I wouldn't go up to them period.

Do you think you could ever star in a film: Nope
What type of character would you be: If I had to, a background person.
If you could be someone else for a day who would it be: Anyone but me, and preferably not a guy.

How do you make your coffee: I don't
If you were going to make me something what would it be: A potholder
Favourite sweet: Chooocccolate
Last thing you made: A potholder--hey, stop laughing!

What's in the box: Think outside the box, weirdo.
What would you put in the box: Shoes
Have you ever touched a crab: Yep.
Best prank you had done: I don't do pranks

One thing that fly’s: A barn owl
Favourite smell: Fresh baked bread
Best present you have received: A LOTR watch
Best thing you have bought: A "Haunted Castles of Britain and Ireland" book
Favourite thing in your bedroom: My Amy Brown prints

If you could learn something what would you learn: How to write better
How many questions do you think this survey is: 100
How many chairs can you see: One
Why do computers suck sometimes: They don't take the place of real life

If you could see out of someone’s eyes for a day who’s eyes would it be and why: A good author's, so I'd know how to write better.
What do you think people are really thinking about: Money
Best thing that happened this year: Digital camera fun
What do you want help with: Putting up the Christmas tree
What do you need help with: Writing


[User Picture]From: iammestup4gc
2004-01-15 12:55 pm (UTC)

happy birthday

hey happy b-day even tho i dont know you, it's my birthday too. well bye!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: minuetcat
2004-01-15 03:57 pm (UTC)

Re: happy birthday

Thanks a lot--Happy Birthday to you too!
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