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My all-time weirdest dreams from the past year - See the Amanda, Feel the Shine! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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My all-time weirdest dreams from the past year [Dec. 14th, 2003|08:56 am]
[Current Mood |dorkydorky]

If some of these look interesting to you, feel free to read them--they're hilarious. But especially read the first one. The first part's boring but halfway through it, it really gets interesting to say the least.

I had a dream last night that my family and I were at the airport, getting ready to fly to my grandma's house in Arizona. It was a 1/2 hour until the plane was due to leave, and we still hadn't gotten our tickets or checked in our bags. We had no money either. As we were looking for the place to get tickets, Cristopher saw an indoor playgroud and got really happy. So Holly took him there and I went into the playground too, where a little boy proceeded to kick me in the head and laugh at me. I called him a horrible name, something I would never say in real life (I like kids), and his mother called the police. So I went into the bathroom to take a shower before they came, because I had remembered that my hair was dirty. They knocked politely on the door as I was getting dressed, and five minutes later I was dressed and opened it. I explained what happened, and they said that they were sorry to bother me, but it was totally the little kid's fault for kicking me, and that they had had this problem before.
So then we continued down the hall, looking for the place to buy tickets. And this is where it gets weird. We walked into an office building where the workers were playing music that was really degrading to women, and when I looked I realized that there were only women workers. Trying to get over this fact, I looked at the floor and saw that Ione was there. I ran and got a cat box from a closet, and figured we could take her with us (there was no time to drop her off at home). But when I tried to grab her, she got smaller and smaller until she could have fit in my hand. Then when I got her again, she turned into all these eggs (regular chicken eggs) and started making chicken noises. I put the eggs into the cat carrier, but they all broke and I saw that they were full of fur. I was scared and thought, I'd better wake up and make sure she's all right, but instead I closed the cat carrier. She turned back into Ione and started hissing and clawing at the box. I let her out again, and she ran away happily.
Meanwhile, the workers were still listening to their music, and whispering amongst themselves as to how to get rid of us. So finally we just left in search of Ione, and in search of food.
When I woke up, I heard Ione meowing in the hallway, and was very hungry. That figures.

I dreamt that the town I live in was a village, and that all the citizens were getting ready for an attack from another village. We were trying to save things--my grandma was there and was burying all the tapestries and quilts, and my music theory teacher was putting all these sheets of music underground.
I was at a petting zoo with Katalina, and for some reason Legolas from LOTR was there helping us get all the animals into our house where they would be safe. Someone said, "he's the best archer around--he can help you with those animals." So finally we were done with that and thanked Legolas for his help. Then he went to help defend against the "coming of the arrows" that the other town would bring.
Meanwhile, I was trying to set up a garden set that would hold all the insects in the town, and a horsefly flew into my mouth. I started chewing it and couldn't stop, but finally after many attempts I was able to spit it out. All the fly's legs were still in my mouth though and I couldn't get them out, so after trying for a long time I finally gave up.
Then it was time to go to school for the last time before the attack. Music class took place in our house, and we had a substitute who was a guy in a wheelchair. Me and Katalina went into my room and were doing homework in there, and we heard the substitute say that his parents never loved him because he was in day care for twenty-four hours a day as a kid. And then he went on, finally ending with "To die. In the rain. Alone." Anyway, when the class was over, I went back to the garden set. The insects from all over the town were inside it, and I couldn't stop them from getting out from all these cracks I hadn't noticed before. So I was trying to use grass to stop up the holes, and by the time I was finished they were all gone. So I went back into the house to tell my mother, but I couldn't find her. All I found were petting zoo animals, and no one to take care of them. And then the "coming of the arrows" started, and all these arrows came through the walls. I was afraid that they would hurt the animals. And that's all I remember.

I had a dream that I was dreaming (oddly enough), and then through my imaginary dream I heard my family coming home from grocery shopping. They were saying what they had gotten that day, and I wanted to come out and eat some of the food, but I suddenly found myself in another world through my dream, and couldn't get out of it. My brother Julian was there too, but he was seven instead of four. Then these people with cracking pink elephant masks (no, I wasn't drunk), came and, since we didn't belong in their world, they put us in jail. We were there until "Year Two", when we found out that they couldn't read. So we wrote all these words on paper and covered ourselves with it so we would be invisible to them, and escaped from jail. We ended up in our neighbor's grazing field, and couldn't seem to find our way home. Then we saw that a man in league with the people from that world had moved into our neighbors house, and since he could read he was able to see us. So he alerted the people from the other world, who came and put us back in jail.
Time passed, and the dream went on and on. Every time a year passed, I would see this paper in my mind that said "year so and so". In "Year 25", we finally escaped because all the people with the masks suddenly died. Then we finally found our way home, where we found all the food waiting for us. Apparently only a few hours had passed since we had gone, whereas it had been twenty-five years in the other world.

I was looking at a catalog which had many neat things, but what really caught my eye were several mummies, the remains of an Asian ape-man, an extremely old but remarkably intact skeleton, and a hominid skull. I ordered these items from the catalog and they arrived in many large boxes. They were fascinating to look at, but when I touched the skeleton I was offered a look back in time to the situation in which the man died. His people had built slides, with which they were sliding down into a lava flow. I was trying to stop them and was thinking "we're not going to survive!" Then I woke up.

I had a dream that I was on an island and there was a war going on. We had to go through an ancient maze to get a ring that would be a weapon to our enemies. There was a lizard leading the way and one of the people behind me (a gnome) drowned because it was raining. We finally got to the center of the maze and found a childrens' obstacle course.
The ring was on a fingerbone at the end of the monkey bars, so we took it. But the only way to get down from the obstacle course was to go down a slide and a spider was guarding it. A girl tried to take the spider off with a piece of wood, but it leaped onto her and bit her. She immediately turned purple and became a skeleton. Then I saw that she was wearing the ring and it was her fingerbone we had taken it off earlier.
The spider had disappeared so we went down the slide and made our way to the others. We saw that they were fighting so we fought along with them. I cut the heads off four enemies but when it came to the fifth my sword did him no damage. So we finally teamed up and killed him, but his blood was acid so it killed one of us. We knew we had to bury him to bring the person we had killed back to life, so I went back to the obstacle course and buried him there in a cardboard box.
I can't even begin to explain that one.

I had a dream that I woke up in the morning and found the bird clock in the kitchen upside-down. Then me and my family went down Hwy 156 in a strange grey van, and I looked in the back and saw that my room was there. I asked my mother why and she said she wasn't sure. Then I noticed our cat Ione was back there with a blue hermit crab, and instead of there being carpet on the floor there was just boards and grass, so I was afraid that Ione and the hermit crab would fall onto the road. I was looking through the grass trying to find them, when I noticed that two stray cats and a wolf were also in the room.
I looked out the window and saw two twisters on either side of the car, and so I asked my mother to drive faster to outrun them. Finally we got to Hollister, and there we found a bunch of glass shops. All the glass inside of them had been broken, and the owners were standing outside the shops looking at us mournfully.
That's all I remember.