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See the Amanda, Feel the Shine!

Welcome to my mind. If you lived here, you'd be home by now.

15 January 1987
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[Try as I might, this bio will be outdated about 99% of the time. This current bio is from 2011. The interests were last updated in 2014. Despite that, I'm still around and still posting, albeit behind the almighty screen of friends-only-ness that encompasses ALL. Or, almost all. But at least the bio will give you a general idea.]

I've come a long way since minuetcat was created in 2003. I recovered from anorexia. I went through the arduous task of rediscovering myself. I began work on my Biology degree. Beautiful people came into my life, and the ones I'd had stuck by me. I got a job. I gained confidence. I went onward.
In short: I learned who I am and who I wish to be. I learned how to love the life I have and the person I am.

I've moved from California to New Jersey to live with my beautiful boyfriend (now-husband) and to see the world. College is over and I've been thrust out into the workforce. Life will always be an adventure and I'm eager to experience every bit of it.

What else can I say? I'm a sci-fi/fantasy nerd with a love of Biology, gourmet cooking, martial arts, hiking, camping, road trips, fixing cars. I love all sorts of music, especially metal. I'm madly in love with the hottest, nerdiest, sweetest guy ever...he never stops surprising me with his amazingness. We got married in June 2010. Yay!!

This journal has been (and hopefully always will be) the outlet my thoughts use to break free. I've tried to make it my life. My friends on here are not just names on a screen...they're people I've come to love and who I trust at my best and worst moments.

If you wish to know me better, read on! Whatever's here is as close to my mind as it can get.
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If that's not enough, here are some things my lovely, psychotic friends have had to say about me:
My sexy Mr. Ari (rewhite) said:
Amanda-roni, the Sacramento treat!
"Hi. I'm Ari. I started taking Amanda almost a year ago. The relief was instant. I'd never felt better in my life! It was like...wow. Everything seemed so fun again. Everybody should have Amanda. I have mine. Hey! Hands off! Get your own Amanda!
Miss Augie (amps84angel) said:
"I love my Manda. She throw the World's BEST ceiling tea parties EVER. Whenever you're feeling blue, she's always right there to help."
Dr. Joshykins (mrfantastico) said:
"Hi i am a REAL LIFE NINJA...
Anyways, Amanda is friggen super awesome fantastic to the ELEVENTEENTH POWER...PLUS SHE IS VERY CUTE...HOW CAN YOU RESIST?!?!? HOW!??!?! TELL ME!!!!!!!
Bizarre Mr. Palmer (palmer_kun) said:
"minuetcat? I think not. More like minuetcrack."
Dear Miss La Foret (la_foret) said:
"Amanda rocks. She is the most positive, courageous and amazing person. She improves everybodys lives just by being there."
Dr. Joshykins (mrfantastico) said AGAIN:
*Puts on fake mustache and a big hat*
Hi! I am Jos..i mean...Geraldo...
Anyways, I say...This Amanda being is one fine lass!
I enjoy our conversationals that sometimes lasted well into the wee hours of thine nights...and stuff...
Also she's HOT...i mean...i think thy beauty is as pure as some sort of pure thing thats really fucking pure...
...and with that said, I love them :)

Now, let the Obligatory LJ HTML Madness begin!

evil glares are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

He jumps and sniffs, and it makes him happy!

my pet!

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